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The people involved in Radical Data

Don Forbes

Don is a writer based in Barcelona, working for the Wall Street Journal and Atlas of the Future.

Writer, editor and interviewer for our articles.

Izzy Kroese

Artist, writer and curator based in Manchester, UK. They work in the print collective Shy Bairns and run Trans Masc Studies.

Izzy is writing a 4-part series for Radical Data about trans rights and data.

Jo Kroese

Data scientist making tools for justice and joy.

Jo founded the Radical Data Project in 2019.

Joanna Sleigh

Australian visual studies researcher, currently based in Zurich doing a PhD in Bioethics & Knowledge Visualisation.

Joanna is researching and documenting organisations and projects.

Rayén Mitrovich

Rayén is a Chilean artist working with communities, bodies and intimacy.

She is researching Latin American projects and organisations. She has also presented talks on behalf of Radical Data.

Milton Almonacid

Chilean social theorist, professor of History and Geography and representative of the indigenous group la Comunidad de Historia Mapuche.

Milton co-created The Gratitude Machine project.

Ricardo Wölker

Ricardo has built AI algorithms for CERN, has a PhD in particle physics and worked as a software engineer for the AI company Rasa.

Ricardo implemented the Gratitude Machine AI.

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