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Cory Doctorow Interview

How did we let this tool of empowerment turn into a tool of disempowerment?

by Cory Doctorow and Ian Tucker

Last tended to October 20, 2020

  • If you can express yourself well to a computer, it will do exactly as you want
    • This is empowering
      • and it is easy to use this empowerment to take away power from others
        • many people in silicon valley may be asking themselves "how did I let this joyful empowerment turn into a tool of disempowerment?"
  • Modern society believes in an ethical ledger where your ethical level is judged by tallying up your rights against wrongs
    • this idea allows for a redemption
      • e.g. tech monolith CEOs can cancel out their bad by philanthropic good
    • however, the good and bad you have done coexist
      • and so the harm cannot be cancelled out
        • the people you harm are still harmed
  • [[Literature allows an emotional experience of issues]]
  • [[Tech non-profit organisations are started because of both an excitement from tech and a fear]]
  • [[Science and tech often falsely see non-quantitative aspects as ignorable]]
  • [[Ad-blocking is the largest consumer revolt in history]]
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