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Radical Data Project

Reimagining, creating, queering, affirming, theorising, intervening.

What is the Radical Data Project?

The Radical Data Project is a research project that is also researching what it is.

There is a goal. We want to imagine a data science that works for citizens and communities instead of destabilising democracies and selling us more shoes.

But RDP involves working out how to do that. We think it involves looking at what other projects are out there, working out the connections between them and publishing our findings. We think it very likely involves our own interventions. We think it works across disciplinary boundaries such as art, activism and social science. involves designing visual metaphors for invisible, complicated software concepts.

Who are the Radical Data Project?

The Radical Data Project was initially setup by Jo Kroese and has since grown to include a range of contributors including artists, data scientists, designers and technologists. If you'd like to get involved, please get in touch.

What can I find on this site?

The digital garden is where ideas start to grow. Eventually, they may grow or combine with other ideas into something that justifies a more static, joined-up piece of writing in articles.

There is also a selection of the projects we have worked on as well as a section of book summaries.

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