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Radical Data Project

Who we are + what we do

The Radical Data Project is a collective of researchers, artists and activists exploring the radical potential of data science.

We want to create a data science that works for citizens and communities, instead of destabilising democracies and selling us more shoes. In short, to reimagine the data revolution on our own terms, one that works for dignity, justice and joy.

To make this a reality, we combine a DIY approach with a disregard for disciplinary boundaries, working across the worlds of art, activism, statistics, law, social science and critical theory. If we can use it, we’re on it.

The work we do falls into two categories:

Radical Data Research

Radical Research is where we explore and document emerging movements in data, art and activism.

We give voice to architects using machine learning to expose war crimes, protesters outsmarting surveillance AI with lasers and collectives mapping queer experiences. We interview people, write articles and add projects to our growing database.

We want to bring together these projects into a cohesive movement, acting as a toolkit of case studies, ideas and tactics. We aim to share ideas so that when creating a data project, with these references and tools, you don’t have to start from scratch each time. We want to inspire others to be able to reuse these techniques and even go further.

Radical Data Studio

Through Radical Studio, we combine our research with data science, statistics and design to develop, collaborate and consult on new projects.

  • Statistical consultancy: Our statistical models have been used by NGOs to protect forests, by governments to count fish and by health organisations to target female genital cutting.
  • Education: We create data toolkits for activists and educational workshops for visualising data.
  • Design: We develop apps, maps, AI tools and 3D visualisations to promote dignity, justice and joy.
  • Meet the roots!

    Radical Data are a team of illustrators, designers, data scientists and technologists.

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    We have collected some of the best projects at the intersection of data, art and activism.

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